How To Do Bank Nifty Intraday Option Trading

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As we all know that before doing any work, we should have complete information about it, so today we will first tell you what is Nifty because until you do not know what is Nifty, you will not be able to trade in Nifty at all, so let us know what is Nifty.

What Is Nifty?

Talking about Nifty, full form of Nifty is national stock exchange fifty It is made up of a group of two words, if we talk about it, it is also known as Nifty Fifty in the stock market, but most people know it by the name of Nifty and speak only Nifty.

Nifty is a group of India’s largest 50 market cap companies listed on the stock exchange i.e. NSE. Nifty is the one that reflects all the Ups and downs in the shares of listed companies such as ups and downs‌and its base year is 1995.

what is Bank Nifty?

For your information, let me tell you that Bank Nifty is a group, it includes a group of all the staff of the bank sector it is mostly liquid and widely registered and thereafter the selected stocks are traded on a national exchange. The importance of Nifty lies in the fact that it provides investors with a market performance benchmark for the Indian banking sector.

How To Trade in Bank Nifty?

Before trading in Bank Nifty, you need to take care of some things, which we are providing below.

  • For your information, let us tell you that while trading in Bank Nifty, you do most of the options trading, which are Nifty Bank Nifty and Nifty IT, any Like Reliance SBI and apart from these it is done only in some other stocks.
  • If you trade in Bank Nifty, then you are given only two options, Call and Put, in this you can buy and sell the option‌ and Put option you can buy and sell put option.
  • Now it comes to the point that when you select the put option and when the call option, then if the bank nifty goes up then you have to select the call option and if the bank nifty goes down then you have to select the put option.

So for your information, let us tell you that this means that when there is a fall in Bank Nifty, then those who buy the put option make profit and those who buy the call make a loss‌ similarly, when Bank Nifty rises, call buyers make profit and vote buyers make losses.


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